23 – 12 / 2018
Cattedrale di Santa Maria

Paolo Fresu and I Virtuosi Italiani

Back to Bach

A happy re-reading of the repertoire caught through unusual sound forms, the freedom to follow a dream from Bach to the contemporary, contamination of genres for a concert inspired by Music, realized with Music. In “Back to Bach” the trumpet of Paolo Fresu interacts with I Virtuosi Italiani, one of the most versatile and appreciated ensembles of the contemporary cultured scene, reviving the baroque in the jazz figure in a musical journey that alternates pages of Händel, Telemann, Torelli, Monteverdi, Pachelbel and Bach to pieces by today’s musicians such as Uri Caine, Daniele di Bonaventura, Richard Galliano (another guest coming to JazzAlguer) and compositions by Fresu himself.

Rhythm and harmony give voice to the soul and the declinations flow in a dance that, caressing the stylistic differences, grasps the affinity: the result is an embrace capable of recomposing the curve of emotional tension. “I find that classical music – baroque, especially – has many affinities with jazz: they are two worlds that are very close, more similar than you think”, says the Sardinian trumpet player: “The more you go back in time, the more I think that music assumes a popular character, a quality that has continued, even if only in part, in the following