24 – 02 / 2018
Teatro Civico H. 21


Antonello Salis, Riccardo Lay, Mario Paliano

Incontro pomeridiano con il pubblico

Antonello Salis: pianoforte, tastiera, fisarmonica
Riccardo Lay: contrabbasso
Mario Paliano: batteria

The concert is for one night only and the first reunion after more than four decades of the jazz group which started in Alghero in 1973, and arriving from one of the most interesting of those years, the CADMO. The transfer to Rome, an intense concert activity, the albums “Boomerang” (1977) and “Flying over Ortobene Mount on July Seventy Seven” (1978, with the late saxophonist Massimo Urbani featured in a piece), meetings and collaborations (notably that with Lester Bowie) mark the following seasons of the trio (then the quintet with the saxophonist Sandro Satta and trombonist Danilo Terenzi). After the groups break-up, in 1982, its members continued along different paths and developed their respective artistic paths that now cross again for this Cadmo Reunion right where it all began forty-five years ago.