26 – 01 / 2019
Teatro Civico

Gianluigi Trovesi – Gianni Coscia Duo

That of Gianluigi Trovesi and Gianni Coscia is a twenty-year artistic collaboration, capable of producing a happy synthesis between cultured and popular music, releasing moments of authentic passion in redesigning the folk tradition in jazz. The harmony between the clarinist / saxophonist Lombardo (from Nembro, in the province of Bergamo) and the Piemontese accordionist (from Alessandria) emerges in live performances, where the communicative power of their music, fluid, brilliant, at moments Deeply sentimental, in others joyfully ironic, arouses a strong emotional impact in the audience. “Coscia and Trovesi know how to contaminate, preserving the possibility of recognizing the musical mention, so that the unity of the piece cannot suffer”, wrote Umberto Eco, great friend Accordionist Alessandrino: “The performance can be appreciated on one level, seeing the intertextual references, and on the” low “level, like the music tout court, without being disturbed by the scholar and spiteful referent (…) So here is a way to popularize cultured music and at the same time make popular music cultured “.

After the debut album by Egea with “Roots” (1995) and the big hits under the ECM label of “In Search of Food” (published in 2000), “Round About Weill” (2005) and “Frère Jacques-round on Offenbach “” (2011), Gianluigi Trovesi and Gianni Coscia propose to Alghero “The Mysterious Music of Queen Loana”, a new project dedicated to the evergreen of the last century, which will soon become a new record adventure, but without forgetting the beautiful themes collected in the last few decades by the lucky duo Connection with a double thread to the “mysterious accordion of the Regina Loana”, solo exhibition of Coscia dedicated to the great figure of the fraternal friend Umberto Eco, and the novel of the latter “Mysterious Queen’s Flame” Loana “, this work of the duo leads to Synthesis all in one concept, thus becoming” the mysterious music of Queen Loana “, the hidden subtitle of a work that aims to offer the musical excellence of two of the most extraordinary artists of our time , able to tell (also in words, with irony and theatricality) Stories of the Padania and unique emotions.

Born in 1931, Gianni Coscia has several experiences and collaborations: he has played with great Italian and foreign musicians, he has played with the orchestra the music of Kurt Weill and Astor Piazzolla, he has participated in recordings of records De André (“Anime Salve”) and Giorgio Conte, accompany singers such as Gioconda Cilio, Maria Pia De Vito, Lucia Minetti, Milva. Always devoted to jazz, the former lawyer of Alexandria based his research on the recovery and reinterpretation of traditional music in jazz, his cultural background: a path is undertaken in 1989 with a record like “La briscola” and from there soon would have crossed that of Gianluigi Trovesi, also consecrated for a “jazz of the roots”, giving life in 1994 to an artistic collaboration of the most original and lasting.

Born in Nembro (province of Bergamo) in 1944, Trovesi has reached its expressive maturity relatively late, giving form to a musical world immediately recognizable and at the same time completely original. The dance music and the band of childhood, the discovery of jazz in all its forms, the search for popular roots of the classical Italian tradition are intertwined in his music in a fruitful dialogue, happily conjured by his multifaceted talent of Improvised instrumentalist and original composer. After graduating in clarinet in 1966, he began his activities in academic, dance and jazz groups. Many national and international orchestras invite him to perform his compositions; His collaborations with Italian musicians – in particular Paolo Fresu and Enrico Rava – and foreigners such as Kenny Wheeler, Anthony Braxton, Keith Tippett, Cecil Taylor, Misha Mengelberg, Michel Portal and Louis Sclavis and many others. Awarded for artistic merits to the official titles of the Italian Republic (President of the Italian Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi), Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters (République Française) and Commendatore of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic (President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano ), in his palmares counts, among other prizes, four laurels of the best Italian jazz player in the annual referendum of the magazine Jazz Music (1988, 1992, 1998 and 2000).