29 – 06 / 2019
Tenute Sella&Mosca

Gino Paoli e Danilo Rea

An authentic icon of the author’s song and one of the most lyrical and creative pianists of the national jazz scene: Gino Paoli and Danilo Rea arrive at JazzAlguer on June 29th to renew the appointment at the  Sella & Mosca Estate  under in the sign of L’art de l ‘encontre, original proposal of the festival, inaugurated in the last edition by the musical meeting of the singer Franca Masu with Eugenio Finardi.

The Singer-songwriter of Monfalcone, where he was born in 1934, but Genoese by adoption since childhood, and the Roman pianist (but from Vicenza, born in 1957) form a partnership able to enchant several generations thanks to the agreement and perfect alchemy musical of the two artists united to their continuous desire to experiment and get involved. Accredited by numerous sold out on the most prestigious stages in Italy and abroad, their live is a unique and exciting concert, based on voice, piano and improvisation, on an open lineup that is renewed from time to time with songs taken from the three discs published by: there are the most popular songs by Gino Paoli – such as “Il cielo in una stanza”, “Averti addosso”, “Vivere ancora”, “Perduti”, “La gatta”, “Come si fa” – along with the goodies of the Genoese singer-songwriters, who for Gino are the friends of a lifetime: “Canzone dell’amore perduto” and “Bocca di rosa” by Fabrizio De André, “Il nostro concerto” by Umberto Bindi, “Vedrai” di Luigi Tenco and “ISe tu sapessi” by Bruno Lauzi. But there will not even be a tribute to the Neapolitan melody and the French author song, which have two passionate connoisseurs in Paoli and Rea.

Photo by Musacchio&Ianniello