Does another jazz festival in Sardinia make sense? We think so.
Above all, if this takes place on the most beautiful city on the island.
A Catalan city surrounded not only by beautiful beaches and wild natural habitat but also a lively historic old town centre with an archaic language. It makes sense
if this happens involving the best creative artists in the city. Building a series of international events held at a different time of year to the rich summer offerings and thereby encouraging tourism and cultural participation out of the main season. JazzAlguer is a jazz festival but also music for everyone.
And if its melting sounds are the opening metaphor that looks to the sea, the final meaning of “ “música per tots” captures the need to be a melting pot of idioms and people.
Not only through sounds and signs but also thanks to dialectical moments in which the musicians will meet the public in symbolic places of the city.

If JazzAlguer is an instrument of stimulation and connection between Sardinia and
the rest of the world, the presence of Alghero artists – who speak with colleagues nationally and internationally – distinguishes Alghero’s vocation for meetings and exchanges for more than a century, principles that have long created the foundation on which the architectural structure of jazz is based.

Art Direction: Paolo Fresu
Artistic coordination: Salvatore Maltana
Illustration: Toni Demuro Illustrations