JazzAlguer Mediterrani

It is a music contest open to all countries facing the Mediterranean; It is a tool with great communicative and cultural potentials in a medium-term perspective; The contest, in fact, if properly conveyed, promoted, inserted in the lively cultural fabric of each country involved through a real and interactive creation of network with the most vibrant cultural and institutional actors for each territory, can become an incubator of ideas and a fertile terrain of confrontation and dialogue that from music broadens to other themes of fundamental importance for the common living in the countries involved.
On all the theme of intercultural dialogue: music for its extraordinary communicative strength, as already transboundary language, universal and intelligible can be a carrier and ambassador of high content. On the one hand the contest as a path of enrichment, comparison and human and professional growth for the young bands involved and tourist occasion for Alghero, on the other side an instrument of disclosure of other content, strong social messages that, year for Year, could be conveyed through the project.
The task JazzAlguer Mediterrani is to put everyone in the condition of “feeling part of…” and eliminate those distances that in one way or another have influenced the history of countries so close among them. Morocco, Spain, Algeria, France, Libya, Italy, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon and all the countries that overlook the Basin Of the world, they look and struggle to talk, they feel, but they fail sometimes to touch each other.
Also, for this reason, the intention of the promoters of the contest will be that not only to show but also to train the young bands during their stay on the island. To relate these young artists with the aim of creating new collaboration. To combine a proposal for tourism and cultural promotion for Alghero to a proposal for all the participating countries, to approach and know each other for a future of collaboration, making system, common strategy. Making development.
Sardinia can become the free port for all these realities that live the Mediterranean and because of this assume the role of the reference point of this macro-area. It is the right place to eliminate distances, to enhance the differences, where we can bring all these peoples into play.
The idea of doing it through music and through the people who make it has been thought of as a big bet, but also as a really good reading key of this process that you want to start. What more universal and comprehensible message is there in the world? What more solid bridge could we build between many worlds than culture?

Testimonial If the contest has therefore also a strong “Popular” purpose, as a flywheel of social content based on the theme of Intercultural Dialogue, even better the presence of some guests in the step of live selection and more generally as testimonial of the project can only lead in the direction of strengthening and widening even more the communicative strength of the event. The idea is to characterize through great names and through great quality the artistic direction in the choice of the guest artists: Paolo Fresu.