23 – 02 / 2019
Chiesa di San Francesco


A prominent name for the Italian jazz scene, Stefano Battaglia (class 1965) is a pianist who is attentive to sound and melody. Strong of a solid musical preparation that led first in classical music. He has a vast curriculum of important collaborations and own projects, something like three thousand concerts to the active and a discography of more than one hundred titles that He has yielded prizes and awards at home and abroad.

In 2004 he inaugurated the collaboration with the prestigious German label ECM, which has published seven albums: The Double “Harvest” and “Re: Pasolini”, a celebratory work inspired and dedicated to the figure and work of the Great director and intellectual. The tribute to Pasolini is performed in the most prestigious concert halls in the world, including the Steinway Hall in New York, the Alte Oper in Frankfurt and the Vachron Theatre in Athens.

“Pastorale” is a new chapter of his association with the percussionist Michele Rabbia, a duo who over the years has cultivated important collaborations, dialoguing with other art disciplines, especially with dance, theater, and painting. Since 2007 the Milanese pianist has focused in particular on the trio with Salvatore Maiore and Roberto Dani, with whom he recorded for the ECM three albums: “The River Of Anyder”, “Songways” and “In the Morning”: a tribute to the American composer Alec Wilder (1907-1980), on whose work Stefano Battaglia has worked for years, ranging in a transversal way from popular songs to art songs, from music for theater to opera, from night music to works for ‘childhood.

In recent years he has returned to the formula of solo piano performance, where he explores ideas and repertoires that are always different to give body and freedom to his expressive abilities, from an excellent improviser at all levels to the cultured composer. A formula, that of the solo plan, culminated with the publication of the double live album “Pelagos” (ECM, 2017): “Pelagos”, which means “sea” in Greek, a title that recalls the relevance of the migratory processes that Stefano Battaglia interprets autographed compositions, spontaneous improvisations alternating moments of profound lyric meditation with moments of strong rhythmic tension, complex harmonies and minimalism, influences of a solid classical formation and musical language of the whole world, in a dramatic evolution typical of ECM productions and work of his patron Manfred Eicher.