14 – 04 / 2018
Chiesa di San Francesco ore 21.00



Incontro pomeridiano con il pubblico

Marco Bardoscia: contrabbasso
Quartetto Alborada (Anton Berovski: violino; Sonia Peana: violino;
Nico Ciricugno: viola; Piero Salvatori: violoncello)
Rita Marcotulli: pianoforte

BAM : grew from an idea of double bassist Marco Bardoscia and Sonia Peana, violinist of the quartet Alborada (with Anton Berovski on violin, Nico Ciricugno on viola and Piero Salvatori on cello). Originally the project based on Bardoscia’s original pieces and some adaptations studied for this group, combining particular compositions by Rita Marcotulli and the string quartet.
The various musical origins melt together to create something new, fresh and original. Macedonian, island and Mediterranean sounds influence the different genres that distinguish this original group – such as jazz, classical and contemporary music – making them emerge naturally .
The BAM can, therefore, be defined as a crossover project between jazz, songs and chamber music: its not lacking improvised parts, which alternate with totally “written” moments. The project was documented in a successful CD produced by Paolo Fresu’s Tŭk Music.